Jab 2.0 for Humanity 2.0 – Hurtling Down the AI-to-Vaxx Pipeline

Joe Allen

Artificial intelligence is pulling new vaccines out of the Platonic realm. Automated labs are on standby, prepared to crank out alien strands of mRNA and pack them into toxic nanoparticles. A billion empty syringes are waiting on shelves.

… Google. Moderna. Microsoft. They’re all racing to the edge. This is corporate transhumanism in all its avaricious glory, riding waves of propaganda and channeled by the biosecurity state.

… A 2019 white paper from Policy Horizons Canada describes this shift as a “bioditigal convergence”

… On July 28, Google’s DeepMind announced its powerful AI system, AlphaFold, has modeled the 3D structures of some 200 million proteins. 

… In the initial phase, it was trained on the datasets of known protein structures. Over the past two years, programmers have turned it loose on every genome ever sequenced. The AI can look at any gene and convert the DNA to protein—in virtual space—then predict the folding pattern with remarkable accuracy.

That means scientists can anticipate any protein’s function, whether natural or artificial, starting with nothing but its DNA sequence. That also means genetic engineers can predict what mutations will produce new functions—in silico—before they ever test it in the lab. 

… In the next few years, a flood of experimental mRNA vaccines—all designed using AI—will flood the pharmaceutical market. 

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