Fetal Flouride Intake Levels Exceed Safety Thresholds


Most fluoride intake is from fluoridated tap water, which pregnant women are told to drink throughout the day.

When a pregnant woman consumes fluoride, so does her baby.

This means for babies in the months before birth, their daily AI of fluoride (0.049 mg/kg/day) is 35 times higher than it is for babies in the months after birth (0.0014mg/kg/day).

In 2009, a team of researchers at the Neurotoxicology Division of the US Environmental Protection Agency identified 202 “developmental neurotoxicants,” chemicals shown to be “toxic to the developing mammalian nervous system.” They had “substantial evidence” for 107 of the chemicals – including fluoride, nicotine, thalidomide, cocaine, PCBs, amphetamine, bisphenol A, and LSD.

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