Germ or Terrain? Consensus or Hypothesis?

The Covid Physician

Ever felt there is something wrong with virology? Particularly virus vaccinology? The whole shebang is riddled rife with failure, contradiction, inconsistency, conjecture and anti-science. Moreover, the exceptions to this imprecise orthodoxy seem only to bow to corporate and political convenience, never to proper science.

Covid has brought the suspicion closer to an arraignment. None of the official anti-covid virus products seem to work. They seem to cause more harm. No one in leadership positions appears concerned.

… Covid does, however, feel like a watershed. Orthodoxy seems to have over-played its hand. It has neglected to even properly sheen its assertions with pseudoscience. 

… Where current science was not reassuring enough, TCP has turned to history for answers. Why not? Germ or terrain, something is terribly wrong with how modern infectious disease science and medicine is being conducted and controlled. 

… Should immutable absolutes exist in science? Science is hypotheses which are intended to be continually challenged and reformulated. Why should the consensus remain entrenched if it is full of holes? 

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