Tolerance Cometh: IgG4 After Multiple-mRNA Doses

Brian Mowrey

Spike-overload finally seems to be showing a concrete effect in the repeat-injected: B Cells in two separate cohorts were found to be self-switching to IgG4 class antibodies, associated with tolerance and anti-inflammatory response, after the 3rd dose.

… Crescioli, et ak. further offer a theory that immune suppressing IgG4 will have higher affinity than immune boosting IgG1 due to having emerged from B Cells that spent more time editing their bindy-arm design (“variable region”). They will be like strong-gripped bouncers shoving the rest of the immune system out of the tumor’s door.

… We can therefor imagine that all those mRNA-transfected cells expressing spike after the 3rd or 4th dose or beyond, should any of them decide to undergo metaplasia as a result of the metabolic stimulation of the mRNA (as I suggested in October), will already have a leg up in terms of evading the immune response.

… These results would suggest that in vivo, spike protein will attract less notice from T Cells due to decoration with IgG4 antibodies. Naturally, this could lead to increased symptomatic infection, prolonged or worsened symptoms, and higher rates of post-Paxlovid rebound.

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